It never fails, whenever I tell someone I'm going to Aliceville for the day or for the weekend, they ask, "For what? What's there to do down there?"  While it's true that I usually go for something, it's also true that there are a number of things to love about the small town.

1.  Folklore.  There's an old POW camp near Aliceville stadium (where those Mighty Yellow Jackets play their football games). Legend has it that if you drive down that dark road and night and turn off your headlights, you can see ghosts of the POWs. (Side note:  There is an entire museum downtown dedicated to WWII and Aliceville's significance.)

A group of people outside the entrance of the Camp Aliceville Museum.
UIG via Getty Images

2.  Country fun!  Everybody in Aliceville knows someone with livestock.  Country fun can include horseback rides or roasting hogs over open pits.  It can also be something as simple as riding dune buggies and ATVs down various trails or going hunting, fishing, and picking fresh fruit off the trees.

3.  City-wide nicknames.  If you said you were going to have an event at the Aliceville Activity Center, not everyone would know where to go, but if you said it would be at Cookie Man's... Prepare to have someone on duty to guide parking.  Real deal!  Even the mayor of the city is known by her nickname!

4.  The Plantation House.  It's rare that someone from Aliceville would eat at The Plantation House restaurant because.... Well, it was a plantation house in a city that's more than 75% Black.  It stayed open a long time, though.

Now, I could go on and on, but I want to share the fun.  If you're from Aliceville, or spend enough time there to be in on a few "insider" notes, share them!


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