We 'Southerners' have a unique way of expressing what most would say in a different way. Maybe it's because of our laid back, hospitable, and totally different way that we look at everyday life. Having been born in the south and raised in 'Yankee' territory, I have a different outlook into what makes 'Southern' dialect so special. If you've ever meet or known anyone NOT from the south, you know just what I mean.

From 'Bless their heart'  as to show pity for someone to the familiar greeting 'Hey Yall' the south is a world completely within itself.

For instance, anyone from the South can tell you, barbecue is both a type of grill and the food you make with it, NOT where you gather to share the food with friends, That is a 'Cookout'.

In most parts of the country, a buggy is a little carriage pulled by a horse. In the South, you'll only find buggies in the grocery store - it's another word for 'shopping cart.'

And one especially known here is 'Roll Tide' which is a universal greeting to any and all Alabama fans.


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