Ok, so I am Not a cat lover...at all, however, I'm sure there's a good number of you that don't share my feelings lol. Well, I'm writing this with you in mind.

Even people that love cats don't know that the things they give them on daily basis are actually not good for them.

Someone polled 2,000 cat owners and asked them which foods they should not feed their cats.  For example, 66% didn't know MILK is actually bad for them.

Here's a list of more foods that are bad for your cat and the percentage of cat owners that had no idea the item was bad for their precious cat.


1.  Chocolate.  38% of cat owners in the survey didn't know it's bad for cats.

2.  Alcohol, 39%.  Seems like everyone should know that, right?

3.  Coffee, 49% didn't know.

4.  Onions, 56%.

5.  Garlic, 58%.

6.  Raisins and grapes, 60% didn't know cats can't eat them.

7.  Raw chicken, 70% didn't know.

8.  Cheese, 73% didn't know it's bad for them.

9.  Cream, 73%.