This has been one of the most craziest weeks ever regarding weather, it started off with Snow, yes snow last week and we followed that up with a week of very warm weather that lasted in to the weekend. Just yesterday it was 74 degrees and today I'm wearing a short sleep button up.

But as we wrap up the week, looks like we are in for a serious of severe weather runs starting Thursday, could have tornadic action so lets all be on alert Tuesday night into Wednesday morning we'll have rain and maybe a little thunder, but nothing severe....

Thursday afternoon and night a front moves in from the West... We might see a little severe weather, but I don't think it will be a major outbreak..Saturday night into Sunday is looking interesting though. The SPC has already placed a severe weather risk in their Day 6 Outlook for South, Alabama and when they place a risk 6 days out, you better pay attention!

 There are some models (The GFS in particular) that are indicating that the strong Cape/Instability values that are forecasted over the Gulf will move North... That along with a deep sub 1000mb surface Low near Tulsa, Oklahoma has most everyone's attention in the weather departments, state wide!

 We'll have to continue to watch the models, but we could have a more significant severe weather outbreak over this weekend!

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