Today I was going to write this post about your pragmatic,egotistical, narcissistic leader '45' but, I found something better.... The case of the 30yr old that won't move out of his parents house. First let me start by saying that this would NOT happen if this was a black family. To have to go to court to evict a son from his parents house is a waste of time and money. This grown A$$ man wouldn't move out , didn't pay any bills, help out around the house, or even have job. Where in the world does a college educated person NOT find a job for 8 years? Are there NO McDonald's where he lives? And now the courts say he has to go. If this was a black family he would have been gone 8 years ago. How do you not move out of your parents house and you are grown? After being asked to go he refused. In 'our' community after he refused the first time his belongings would be outside the front door, the locks would be changed and end of story. What do you think?

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