Thursday is National American Beer Day, an occasion that will serve as an excuse to enjoy some of the favorite made-in-the-USA brews. Not that one is really needed. The National American Beer Day is observed on October 27. It honors all American beers. This is the perfect excuse for all bear drinkers across the nation to indulge themselves with their favorite American beer styles.

Last year, as the Brewers Association reports, the number of breweries in this country was at its highest since the 19th century — and many of those 1,700-plus establishments turned out some pretty innovative, complex, refreshing, and downright delicious stuff.

The first uniquely American beer style evolved in California during the 19th century. It was named steam beer.
The most common beer style produced in the United States is American lager (also known as North American lager). Other styles of beer indigenous in the U.S. include California common (modern variation of steam beer), American Pale Ale, cream ale, and others.
To celebrate the National American Beer Day, enjoy your favorite style of American beer. But don't forget to drink responsibly!

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