We're only three days into the new year, and all of us are trying to stick to our resolutions. Some of us peruse the internet to figure out what we need to improve upon. Occasionally, we see some sort of silly photo encouraging us to get better.

Other times it's an image that makes us think, "Yea that's totally me." It's funny to think how some random images become invaluable to the internet. Other times, the image is too perfect to not use.

And Nick Saban has, very inadvertently, given us an image that we all should use in our daily lives.

I mean this is just too good to ignore. He looks like I just told him that he just woke up and the football season hasn't even started yet! Nick Saban can be intentionally and unintentionally funny sometimes.

This is certainly one of those unintentional times.

I mean it even happened on the 15th anniversary of him taking the Alabama head coaching job. Well, it's certainly one way to remember the day isn't it?

For example, this picture could have captions like:

"When she says she's an Auburn Fan"
"When they don't stay four quarters"
"When you forget your shaker at home"

attachment-Nick Saban

Just imagine the possibilities. So this is a call out to everybody who is way more talented than I in the photo editing department, what's the best caption you can come up with this photo? Send them to our app so we can see!

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