Duane Reade Celebrates Fashion-On-The-Go Hair Styling Services
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June 26th is National Beautician’s Day.


Also known as stylists and cosmetologists, these men and women take pride in making us look our best daily!! Cosmetology is the study and application of a beauty treatment.  The branches of cosmetology include hair styling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures and pedicures. They continually train in the best ways to keep us looking our best while keeping up with the latest styles, the best products, treatments, and techniques.

Do you have that one favorite beautician that you go to on the regular?  You can just sit in her or his chair and they know what you like? That is really hard to find so when you find the perfect one for you, you stick with them!

I'm very picky and particular about the care of my hair and how it's done. I've been a few places and never went back because of the way my hair was done.  There was even a couple of times where I've had my hair done and took it down in front of them because it wasn't what I asked for.  Through trying several different beauticians, I found one that I love and travel to her to get my hair done if I need to!  Her name is Monique Gordon in Albany, GA!  She is the best! I don't even have to say anything, just sit in her chair! Thank you for all you do Monique!




Who's your favorite Beautician?  Shout them out!