Most of us have seen drastic changes in our daily operations as a result of COVID-19. Some are eating at home more while others who would normally bring lunch are eating out more, as an effort to support local businesses. Today's observance was made more for the latter.

National Make Lunch Count Day is said to have been founded to encourage people to take a break and actually go to lunch.

Who are these people that need such reminders? Doesn't EVERYONE jump at the chance to take a break and get a change of scenery?

Apparently not!

As a matter of fact, it is suggested that roughly one-third of working Americans eat lunch at their desks every day. Source.

While production demands increase and machinery replaces workers, many feel like leaving for lunch isn't necessary, as they'd opt to continue to work while eating.  Forbes reports the following statistics:

  • Nearly 20% of North American workers worry their bosses won’t think they are hardworking if they take regular lunch breaks, while 13% worry their co-workers will judge them.
  • 38% of employees don’t feel encouraged to take a lunch break.
  • 22% of North American bosses say that employees who take a regular lunch break are less hardworking.

However, it is suggested that taking breaks can increase productivity as employees gain focus and energy after stepping away from their desks, and a lunch break can help prevent an unproductive, mid-afternoon slump. Other benefits include improved mental health, boost in creativity, and more time for healthy habits including exercise and meditation.

So, the next time someone asks what you're doing for lunch, enjoy the break! Make lunch count today!

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