Today, July 17, is World Emoji Day!World Emoji Day was created three years ago by Jeremy Burge the founder of “Emojipedia”,, a website that keeps track and explains all emojis. Before the emoji, there were emoticons (emotion + icon) that were actually developed as an expression of emotions in texts.

Emojis were first invented in Japan, Emoji,a Japanese expression, roughly means “picture word” and was developed in 1990 by Shigetaka Kurita, but spread to the U.S. after the first iPhone was released.

People love emojis. Celebrate them Today!

The purpose of World Emoji Day is to promote the use emojis and spread the enjoyment that they bring to all of those around. Emojis are for all of us.

The first World Emoji Day was celebrated on July 17, 2014. Prior to the existence of World Emoji Day people would sometimes post the Calendar Emoji on July 17, referring to this as the day of the calendar emoji.


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