It’s evident that the weather is changing, and with the talk of football but decreased capacities at stadiums and necessary social distancing, many sports fans will be enjoying their favorite teams from their own homes or small gatherings with people they trust.

Now, sports always provide a sense of comfort to dedicated fans, but what could make the experience better when watching from home? Watching in a space you love, of course.

This started with an appeal to the sports fan because… Well…. The key to getting it done is to expose mutual benefit. Who WOULDN’T love to have the feeling of a cabana right in their back yards?

For the lady of the house, it’s a place of serenity where she and Mother Nature can enjoy a Mother-daughter bond.  The same space doubles as a man cave for the man of the house without being… Well, a cave!

And who said you had to be rich and famous to enjoy parts of the lifestyle of the rich and famous?  These are projects that can all be completed in a day (maybe if working from sun up to sun down), and each cost less than $100.

You read that right. You can have a fully renovated outdoor space for less than $1,000.  Now, if you have to do it piece by piece, so be it. The final product will still be worth the time and money.

Inexpensive DIY Projects to Enhance Your Back Yard

And THIS is how you ball on a budget! Lifestyle of the rich and famous, baby.  It doesn't matter if you're only grilling hotdogs or making smores over the fire pit.  Your entire family will feel like they're living their best lives.

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