Although we're still still six days away from Thanksgiving,Trey Songz just released a heartfelt Christmas tune that's bound to be a mainstay at family gatherings and parties this holiday season.

In the ballad which sounds like a throwback to another era, the Virginia native lets his woman know that he really misses her, and it's particularly difficult because of the time of year it is.

"I wish I was there more than I am, babe / These lonely nights take a toll on a man you don't understand it / It's so unfair that Christmas is all throughout the air / And I hate that we're both alone, I rather be with you by the mistletoe," Trey croons.

It's been a quiet 2016 for the soon to be 32-year-old, since the last time we heard from him was with his To Whom It May Concern mixtape, which dropped last year. Before that, he released his Trigga Reloaded album.

No word yet if Songz is putting out a full Christmas LP or mixtape this holiday season, but until we no more you can listen to "Coming Home" below. You can also purchase it on iTunes.

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