Are you ever in the mood for something sweet? And then you are stuck on where and what to get to satisfy your sweet tooth? I have the top places in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to help you out.

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[Pause] Where did “sweet tooth” come from? Because I want mine pulled out! I found out that the phrase “sweet tooth” comes from the 14th century. Wait, what? Also, it is a derivative of “toothsome.” According to, having a sweet tooth means “particularly enjoying sweet tastes.”

Here is my sweet tooth hit list. If you have a favorite, let me know about it; click here to email me. I feel like there might be a part 2 to this list coming your way soon.

Babe’s Doughnut

It’s the Maple Bacon Doughnut for me! End of story! Find them in Downtown Tuscaloosa at the corner of Greensboro and University. If you find close parking, it’s a sign to get an extra doughnut.


The cake concierge is nestled in the Midtown Village. These wonderful creations range in creativity. They even have a cake that looks exactly like a stack of pancakes. The cupcakes are wonderful too. I’m torn between the key lime dream, luscious lemon, and peach cobbler.

Edgar’s Bakery and Café

At Edgar’s, you can find a little bit of everything sweet. Caramel Cake, Orange Dreamsicle cupcake, lemon squares, and much more. A must-have item is a strawberry cupcake. It solves all of your problems in one bite. Check them out at the Galleria of Tuscaloosa at 1653 Mcfarland Blvd North.

Heritage House

You can satisfy many layers of your sweet tooth here. Enjoy selections from scones, cruffins, crepes, muffins, cakes, and more. While I enjoy a round of people-watching, my go-to is the cranberry muffin. Also, the gourmet pop tarts are clutch too. Check them out at 2370 Jack Warner Parkway Suite A 108 and at 700 Towncenter Boulevard.

Mary’s Cakes and Pastries

If you need something sweet and Alabama-themed, this is your spot. They are an OFFICIAL, licensed vendor of University of Alabama cakes and cookies. I really like their Thumbprint Cookies that are filled with a chocolate ganache. These taste just like my Grandmother’s thumbprint cookies. Find them on 22nd Street in Northport behind Billy’s Bar.

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