The most commonly heard complaint in Tuscaloosa lately: Whose idea was it to have construction on ALL major roads at the same time?

It’s true that many of our main streets have projects going on, creating numerous detours. Add to them an accident or traffic stop on the interstate, and Tuscaloosa traffic can almost mimic an Atlanta suburb at times. (Notice: An Atlanta suburb.  NO TRAFFIC in the Southeast can be compared to the horrendous situation in the inner workings of Atlanta.)

What’s almost as amazing is the number of people who only know to use Skyland Blvd, Hargrove Rd, or 15th St/Veterans Memorial Pkwy as ways to get around an interstate slowdown;  how many sit and wait for the trains to pass over Hackberry Ln, Greensboro Ave, or 26th Ave East; and how many fret over game day traffic.

It’s expected for visitors to the area to only know the main roadways, but what’s stopping area residents from maneuvering their ways through the city?

If you had to find your way home without using GPS, how many routes could you take?  If you can only think of one way, make learning a new route a priority because more than likely, your detour will have a detour before it's all over.

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