Do you deserve a What-A-Break? I can answer that for you. Yes! You! Do!

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Has it been a stressful year?

Got a few backstabbers that you have to deal with?

Pushy family?

Has the national pandemic caused havoc on your life?

Are your bills out of control?

Fake friends?

Do you need to take a vacation? (Seriously, use your PTO)

Are there people in your life that don’t know how to stay in their lane?

Just stressed in general?

You deserve a What-A-Break from Whataburger and 92.9 WTUG!

Winning is simple - Here is how to qualify to win

#1 - Open the FREE WTUG station mobile APP and click on the “chat with us” feature.

#2 – Send Mary K a message on “why you deserve a What-A-Break.”

See, it a simple, easy way to qualify to win a $20 gift card from Whataburger.

Also, one lucky winner will even get free Whataburger for a full year!

My go-to meal for my What-A-Break from Whataburger is a made-to-order Mushroom Swiss Burger. It tastes like heaven to me. Did you know you can order, check in and enjoy the great taste of Whataburger from the comfort of your vehicle? Super easy by ordering online, and you pick it up curbside. It’s available between 7 am and 11 pm.

I tried the curbside service the other night at the Skyland Boulevard Whataburger. As always, the folks there are super nice and friendly. I will admit, the curbside service was very easy. It’s another level of getting your breakfast, lunch, or dinner conveniently. Be sure to try it out.

Tuscaloosa Whataburger Locations

Skyland Blvd & US 11

820 Skyland Blvd.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405

McFarland & 13th

1301 McFarland Blvd E Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404


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