If we're honest, we can admit that almost everything we were told about COVID-19 at the beginning was speculative.  We were told numerous things to do to decrease the likelihood of contracting the virus.  Many of us complied while others saw the advice as conspiracy. There are some who took the precautions seriously and still contracted the virus while others who didn't have faired well so far.

So, what do we do to protect ourselves? Well, in addition to practicing good hygiene and continued use of protective equipment like masks, scientists now say that something over which we have no control may not necessarily prevent us from being affected by COVID-19, but it appears to have a correlation with the severity of infection by those who get the virus: our blood types!

Recent studies suggest that people with blood type A were 50% more likely to experience severe COVID-19 symptoms and respiratory failure while those with blood type O has a 50% reduced risk of developing severe symptoms.  Source.

This is certainly not "permission" to relax preventative measures, as no one is immune or invincible.  However, it does show that the medical community is making advancements in understanding how the virus functions, which brings them closer to establishing better methods of managing the ailment in those infected by it.

While this information may be what some need to decrease the anxiety caused by all of the uncertainty concerning the novel coronavirus, it should have no effect on measures taken to prevent contraction... especially not in areas where positive test results are still on the rise.

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Prevent COVID-19 with 7 Basic Things

Prevent COVID-19 with 7 Basic Things


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