Understanding Mental Health In West Alabama 

Mental health has almost become a buzzword these days but it's a major key to leading a happy life.

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People often focus on leading healthy lifestyles around this time of year. Locking down fitness goals, eating habits, and trying to limit the amount of alcohol may be some things you have tried in order to be healthy. Have you considered taking care of your mental health?

Many times we brush off mental health thinking "I'll be ok," but it really should be part of the tasks of leading a healthy life. Someone's mental health matters just as much as their physical health. Especially when we start to look at the stress, and emotions that the pandemic has caused.


Recently, one of my favorite rappers opened up about his mental health struggles. Big Sean spoke out about depression, anxiety, and how he contemplated suicide. It's really shocking how we never know what people are going through. This man has sold millions of records, is in a relationship with a beautiful woman, and still has issues with mental health.

Maybe so many people struggle with mental health because we don't understand it completely. I know especially in the African American community, mental health isn't something we've traditionally been taught to speak on. We haven't been taught what depression is, how to spot early warning signs, or even when and where to seek help if needed.

Thankfully, the Alpha Tau chapter of Omega Psi Phi will be holding an event specifically geared toward helping us understand mental health. Thursday March 11th, 2021 at 7p. The event will feature  someone who specializes in  the treatment of mental health problems, Dr. Beverly Bell-Shambley.

This will be a virtual event hosted on Zoom. The meeting ID is 875 4897 1292. The passcode for the meeting is 3WWXUF.


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