Update On the Gulf Coast – July 10th

Update from Bobby J. Best, Jr. our Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa in house meteorologist.

The National Hurricane Center is tracking a tropical system that, at the last update, was located slightly southeast of Apalachicola, FL.  The forecast is calling for the system to track just off the coast moving westward and if the long rand forecast holds, it looks like it will end up making landfall on the toe of Louisiana.

The NHC is forecasting a Tropical Depression by Wednesday or Thursday.  Additionally the water off the coast is very warm, which would tend to favor strengthening.  Tropical Storm, Hurricane, and Storm Surge Watches may be required on Wednesday for a portion of the Northern Gulf Coast!

The Alabama and Northwest Florida coast can likely expect some Surge Water as the system tracks south of the coast... Additionally, with all of the tropical energy off and ON the coast too, I wouldn't be surprised to see Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and maybe an isolated Tornado too. I'm basing this on what's going on NOW where there are multiple Warnings from Apalachicola and multiple points northward!

Bobby J. Best, Jr.

Severe, Tropical, & Winter Weather In-House Meteorologist

Townsquare Media - Tuscaloosa

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