Today is sure to see some serious thumb action! No, it's not a celebration of hitch hikers. It's National Video Game Day!

What does this even mean? Well, gamers across the country are on the receiving end of cool freebies. There's also discussion of all time favorite games, collectors' items, and new games set to debut. Check it out.

What's funny is when we think of gamers, we often think of the person who sits in front of the tv for countless hours, playing games against the computer or involving themselves with players from other locations via the Internet. But for many of us, video games consume more of our lives than the person who plays on a television-based machine.

WE are the phone gamers!

It always starts with an interesting pop-up from another app.

"Hmmm.... Sudoku. That looks interesting. I think I'll download it."

Once you do, you start to play; and when you complete a board, here comes an ad for another game. What do we do? Download that one, too! Before we know it, we have an entire screen of games to alleviate random moments of boredom. It beats falling asleep at inappropriate times though, right?

What's your game of choice? Do video games consume the life of anyone around you? Tell us about it.

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