Everybody knows a man should never hit a woman. So it should go without saying that he shouldn't BITE one! Unfortunately, somebody didn't get the memo.

Forty-eight-year-old Shay Michael Thome of Huntsville was arrested Saturday after he is said to have bitten off a woman's finger during a fight. Thome was charged with first-degree assault and was being held in the Madison County jail, with a bond set at $10,000.

According to WAAY, the victim was a friend of Thome's wife.

While there is never a viable reason to use violence against another person, protecting one's self is understandable. The full story of how this fight turned into a finger being bitten off has not been released. However, it is said that cases of fingers being bitten entirely off are rare and that such an act requires extraordinary force.

Who among us hasn't imagined biting a finger that was wagging in our face? Biting it completely off is probably unimaginable... Well, for everybody except this guy... And maybe ear-biting boxer Mike Tyson.

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