Ever heard of a HORRIBLE vacation? Well, I'm back from one. Everyone has been asking how my vacation was spent. Here you go!

For starters, it was quite nice! My daughter went to her cousin's house. So, the girls and I went to Steve Brown's Funny First Friday at Archibald and Woodrow's. Because we had to wait for "the slow one," the show had begun by the time we got there, and the venue was PACKED! So, we slid into the darkness and to a table.

We enjoyed the local talent as well as the comedy, but more than that, we were excited about being out and able to spend quality time with each other. And of course, we couldn't leave without ordering some Archibald and Woodrow's signature wings!

Saturday, I got to do a few things around my house. I rearranged my bedroom and fixed my glider. I got it when my daughter was born, and children seem to think it's a toy. Over the years, it's gotten a bit weaker; but I refuse to discard it. Aside from the peace I have while sitting it in, it has sentimental value. So, making it more solid was a joyful time for me.

I also took my daughter to Kids Day at The Gateway. My brother and his daughters were already there. So, it was a fun, family outing for us.

Unfortunately, late Saturday evening, my parked car was clipped on the front end. Being that it was a weekend leading to the holiday, I was kinda outta luck until Tuesday. I left my car exactly where it was (since it was already parked) until I had some direction about what I needed to do. I've never been involved in an accident that required me to go through insurance claims or anything like that.

So, WTUG listeners may recall me saying that my air conditioning went out at my house. Take relying on a couple of window units and ceiling fans to cool a 1700 sq. ft.+ house and no way to leave, and it just wasn't the most enjoyable week off. Luckily for me, I don't take many days off. Therefore, once things are back in order, I WILL be taking another vacation!