In my 38 years of church life, I've ALWAYS heard pastors tell the congregation, "Follow me as I follow Christ." And when they felt they encountered an evil spirit, they talked directly to the spirits and told them to leave.

Not the people. The spirits.

This was just my experience, though.  Apparently, this is NOT the same experience one woman and her mother had while visiting a Tuscaloosa church.

The poster alleges that she was asked numerous times why she was there and that the person speaking on God's behalf told them to get out of His house.

In 2019?

This is not to say that churches should be accepting of everything and everyone, as the grounds are considered sacred. But is it too much to allow visitors in and to let The Word bring about the change, or to "cast out" the evil spirit but keep the person inside? In my Pentecostal upbringing (probably the most radically charismatic), everyone would plead the blood of Jesus, and the doors would be opened for the demons to flee and the person who brought them would remain and receive love and encouraging words.

I've never heard of anything like a visitor being told to leave a church service.  Is this a common practice?


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