Thursday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School is held its annual career fair, exposing students to possible career choices. Setting goals for the future usually establishes a firm foundation for students to stay on a particular path.

Representatives from a variety of agencies were in attendance. Industries represented included the media, law enforcement, real estate, military, engineering, information technology, cosmetology and more.

One of the more motivational elements came from Mr. Eugene Tinker, founder and CEO of Certified Technical Experts. He described his humble beginnings but also encouraged students to make the right choices, take the right chances, and make the right changes.

Good advice for any age.

It's always great for professionals to assist in leading others to success, especially in terms of future generations. So, we extend a hearty "Thank You" to everyone who took part in organizing this career fair as well as those who took time out of their schedules to participate.

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