Readers can help the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s score a $15,000 grant by voting for K-9 "Sjores."

The company Aftermath, specializing in "trauma cleaning and biohazard removal,” is hosting a K-9 grant.  The Southeast region K-9 grant voting is underway until June 5. The grant provided by Aftermath worth $15,000 and the citizens of Tuscaloosa can help TCS by voting every 24 hours.

According to the Aftermath instructions, voting is simple.

Two Easy Steps:

  1. Find your Favorite K9 and cast your vote from now until June 5th!
  2. Share your vote on social media and come back every 24 hours to vote again!

To find the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s K-9 "Sjores," click here and scroll until you see the vote section, readers may have to click “load more” to view the right screen.

If it helps, this is the picture that you can look for while scrolling:

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

In April, Sjores and his handler were highlighted in a Tuscaloosa County manhunt as the canine and drones aided in the arrest of the wanted suspect. Click here to read more on the case from the Tuscaloosa Thread.

2023 K-9 Grant Rules:

“Eligible voters may vote once every 24 hours on the designated voting website and once daily on Instagram (@AftermathK9Grant) and Facebook (@AftermathCares) by liking the daily post and posting the agency name and state they wish to vote for in the comment section.”

(Source) Click here for more details about Aftermath and the K-9 Grant.

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