One of the longer lasting results of a person being convicted of a felony is the inability to vote. However, there are ways for one to regain that right. In Tuscaloosa, there is a group dedicated to helping convicted felons in the process of having their voting rights restored. 

The Tuscaloosa County Voter Restoration Coalition’s goal is to promote the restoration of voting rights through public outreach and education. 

Such methods of outreach and education include facilitating events such as voting rights restoration clinics.  One session will be held at Christian Community Church (5600 18th Ave; Tuscaloosa, AL 35405) on Saturday, August 8 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  

According to an email from the Tuscaloosa County Voter Restoration Coalition, participants will receive assistance by a team of trained legal advisors with determining their voting qualification status. Persons needing their voting rights restored will receive assistance with the CERV-Certificate of Eligibility to Register to Vote Application which is required for citizens whose voting rights have been revoked.  

In addition, the group says that those who have been disqualified due to past legal problems are urged to attend and apply for the restoration of voting rights.  

To participate in Saturday’s clinic, registration is available by sending an email to or by contacting Alfonzo X Tucker. 

For more information on the Tuscaloosa County Voter Restoration Coalition, visit its Facebook page. Click here.

One might be surprised by how many disenfranchised are not aware that their rights may be restored. So, be sure to share this information. 

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