The Walking Dead is bracing for “All Out War” with Sunday’s Season 8 premiere, and it’s only right we honor the fallen. The AMC horror-drama has had some harrowing deaths over the years that didn’t quite land so well as others, so let’s look back over some of the most ignominious ends that seven seasons of zombie carnage have brought us.

You’re warned of spoilers for Seasons 1-7 of The Walking Dead from here on out, as well as a bit of disturbing imagery. Still, for every heroic and/or tragic end (RIP Merle), The Walking Dead tends to stumble through character deaths with equal absurdity and poor taste. We’ve helpfully gathered twenty of the worst and ranked them accordingly, because this is the internet. The internet must have ranks.

Ahead of Sunday’s 100th episode premiere, join us on a macabre journey through the dumbest deaths The Walking Dead has to offer:

The Walking Dead Season 8 will premiere this Sunday with "Mercy," continuing Sundays on AMC thereafter.

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