When you shop at Walmart, do you use that price matching program? I don't but I'm sure my sister does, along with hundreds of other angry Walmart shoppers right now!



So yesterday, Walmart announced that they were ending the Savings Catcher price-matching program. 

So the most I knew about the price matching was having a sales paper from another store and showing them the price!  Ha! To my surprise (don't judge me) they have an app for that!

This app is a price-matching program, which scanned about 80,000 grocery items as well as general merchandise items. It compares them to competitors to ensure the retailer was the low-price leader.

Well, after saving thousands of people a great hundreds through the years, will end on May 14. Why? Walmart claims that most of the time their prices are lower than their competitors anyway.

Hundreds of customers flocked to social media to complain about the decision to end Savings Catcher, saying it saved them hundreds of dollars while using the hashtag #BoycottWalmart.

Read more about it here

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