It's funny the things you can see just driving down the street.

Just last week, I was stopped at a light and noticed the "student driver" warning on the back of a trailer. This captured my attention because I'd seen student driver indicators on cars but never on a transfer truck.


After a few more seconds of observation (yes, it was at one of the intersections where it seems that the light stays red for an eternity), I discovered that the vehicle was from Shelton State Community College.

Shelton State has long served West Alabama with training and education in various trades and technical disciplines. With transfer trucks supplying businesses across the country with the goods that keep our economy afloat, truck drivers have very significant careers.

Some drivers spend significant time away from their families, but the compensation is often worth the sacrifice.

Anyone who is interested in seeing the country while making money should probably consider a career as a driver.  Shelton State is not a bad place to begin.

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