Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my family, and now I have one more member to love.  Last night, I witnessed the birth of my nephew!

For starters, let me say this....

(And you have to "hear"  me saying this) Baaaayyyy-bee, I bow to all women who have birthed children.

To carry a child is one thing. Yes, we go through the nausea, being tired, having cravings, dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, having headaches, having to watch our diets, sometimes growing larger feet, etc. But pushing a complete person out of.... Well, you know.... Kudos to anyone who can do it.

Now, my sister had been in labor since Monday. However, she hadn't begun to dilate.  Doctors noticed Tuesday that she's apparently leaked fluid. So, they decided to progress her labor.

Of course, my daughter was taken in an emergency operation. So, I didn't go through all of the stages of pregnancy and delivery. And after seeing what I saw, I don't know if I could have!

My sister was a real trooper!  She pushed for a little over an hour. Towards the end, to give her a little help, our mom pulled out her phone and pulled up "Push It" by Salt N Pepa.   I was inspired by the nurse telling her to give it all she had. Of course, we didn't have a dj in the delivery room. So, I had to vocalize a mix. "Give it... give it all you got. Give it- Give it- Give it all you got." The delivery team seemed to enjoy us as much as we enjoyed their calming abilities.

Child birth is truly oxymoronic. Seeing the beauty of a life begun makes it an impossibility to deny divine orchestration.  HOWEVER, all of the other stuff that happens AFTER birth (i.e. THE afterbirth).... *gag*

Never the less, welcome my newest nephew: Ace Alexander!



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