What Are Your Top 5 Hulu Shows?

Hulu is the bomb dot com!  The main reason that I like Hulu so much is that I can watch so many various types of shows, depending on my mood.  Or I can straight binge watch.  New shows, throwbacks, and classics, it’s all there.  Here are my top five, and I would love to know your top five as well.  It will give me some shows to watch.

#1 Living Single

I love this throwback show because it just reminds me of the 90s.  This show aired on Fox from 1993 to 1998 for five seasons.  It was all about the single life in New York.  I feel like I am a cross between the characters Max and Regine.

#2 American Housewife

I love Ali Wong!  I love Katy Mixon! Period.  This ABC show launched in 2016 and just recently entered its fourth season.  It is merely hilarious because it is all about the struggle of Katie in Westport, Connecticut, and the host of wealthy residents.

#3 Mixedish

All I have to say is Tracee Ellis Ross!  This show is so amazing and cute.  It is a spin-off of the show Blackish, and the storyline is the back story of Rainbow’s (Tracee Ellis Ross) childhood.  It has such wonderful messages and insight about race relations of the ’80s.

#4 Fresh Of The Boat

A friend turned me onto this ABC show a few years ago, and it is inspired by the life of chef and food personality Eddie Huang.  It is set in Orlando, Florida, so I really enjoy all the tourist references.  But, what sold me is Eddie’s love of 90’s hip hop music.

#5 Superstore

I keep asking myself, how did I miss this show? It’s in its fifth season, and it is super funny.  Its story of a “Cloud 9” store and all its employees in Missouri.  It has great points and messages about health care, workplace romance, and more.  The best part is all the crazy interactions that employees have with each other in the store.

It’s not a TV show, so I put it my honorable mention category, Amanda Seales comedy special - I be knowin’!  I love her!

What are your top five Hulu shows?  Let me know on Facebook @MaryKRadio


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