High school courses like home economics and driver's education undoubtedly prepared students for life beyond high school, but many school systems have dropped such electives. Luckily, according to the Times Daily, many schools are now teaching financial literacy, which is also important for independence. What other courses do you think should be taken in high school?

I can remember taking driver's ed as an elective because I knew it would be an easy A. Back then, the course was offered once a student was of age to obtain a learner's permit. However, I'd already been driving for years. Down in the country, you're put behind the wheel before age 12. I also took band as an elective because the band was my way to be sure I'd be able to go to every football game. I remember being taught financial literacy including reading the stock market and balancing a checkbook, but there are still some courses I wish I had taken in high school.

I often wish I had taken home economics, mainly when I want to sew something. I can manage the basics, but I think if I had taken home economics, I would be farther along. I also wish I had taken a wood shop class. The older I get, the more crafty I become. I love making things. It frustrates me to know exactly how I want something done but have to rely on someone else to do it. So, those two are the electives I regret not taking. I mean, after 4 years of band, I can just about count how many times I've played my saxophone beyond graduation.

Are there any courses you wish you'd taken in high school? Any you think should be offered which currently aren't?