It goes without saying that teachers have answered a special calling. The time and effort they put into creating atmospheres that are welcoming for learning is remarkable. But to have not only the energy but the creativity to display holiday cheer is something entirely different.

Roshedra Hughes, a teacher at Sprayberry, recently took to social media to display her Christmas decorations in the school.

How festive!

Now, if you're a parent who's recently paid a visit to your child's school and you've seen some pretty awesome decorations, or if you're a school employee who's decorated in or around your classroom, we want to see!

Upload your photos via the FREE WTUG app!  Your hard work deserves to be seen.  There's nothing wrong with showing off your creativity and bragging on yourself.  Heck, we want to brag on you, too!

So, show us your Christmas decorations in and around your school!

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