Ok over the weekend I posted a story about how Alabama and other states were under a serious Flu watch and how many are getting super sick, parents missing work and Kids missing school. But when other kids do get sick, how do we keep our kids safe from getting that dreaded cold or flu.

- Limit sugar

Sugar has been shown to suppress our immune system by lowering our white blood cells' ability to engulf bacteria, which can lead to more instances of colds, flu and other illnesses.

- Guzzle water

Many children unconsciously slow their water intake during the winter perhaps because they rarely sweat in the colder temperatures. Yet water washes bacteria and viruses from our throats and through our digestive tracts before they have time to set up shop and do damage. So make sure your children drink lots of water:

- Befriend bone broth

Often called the miracle food, bone broth is nutrition in its most absorbable, operational form. It boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation - such as a sore throat or a Norovirus-damaged stomach - washes away germs in the mouth and digestive tract, builds the gut lining, contributes to restorative sleep and fights infection.

- Feed on pre- and probiotics

Prebiotic foods such as garlic, onions, artichokes, avocado and cider vinegar act as nourishment for the good bacteria in our digestive tract. We need the good bacteria to be strong enough to do their job of fighting off the viruses and harmful bacteria.

- Devour vitamins and minerals

Vitamins such as D, C and A are supreme immune boosters that empower our bodies to fight off colds, while zinc helps create and activate our immune system's white blood cells. So gobble up citrus, leafy greens, orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots and squash, and nuts and seeds.

- Rest

The long nights and short days of winter are nature's way of insisting we get more rest. The body's metabolic rate naturally slows, encouraging slower, less-active behavior. Try to put your kids in their nests a little earlier than normal and see how greedily their bodies lap up the extra sleep.

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