What We Can All Learn From Coach Nick Saban

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Wow, what an amazing ride to the National College Football championship. I always say you just don’t happen to luck up and get to a championship. It’s by dedication and determination.

For me, it’s the overall championship spirit that the collective team possesses from day one. Each player has a unique talent level. However, their teamwork is what wins championships.

Teamwork, I wish more people understood this and applied it to their lives. Of course, it is great to be the star, but you can’t win championships without a qualified team supporting you. The University of Alabama football program is a shining example of a team effort.

While you are work today, think about it, are you trying to be the star, or are you trying to foster teamwork? Are you supportive of others on the team? Trust, me you get much further with a great team.

I have always been fascinated by the various leadership roles inside sports programs. I take on a similar leadership approach to my professional and personal life. Sports are rooted in a culture of winning. I like to win.

In following many different coaching and leadership styles, I respect Nick Saban. What I like most about Saban is his ability to know every aspect of the game. He is an expert. What can you learn from Saban, be an expert in your given field!

I feel like Saban woke up this morning and reviewed his vision for the next football season. The Sponge Coach reminded me of a great Saban thought, “First of all, you’ve got to have a vision of ‘What kind of program do I want to have?’ Then you’ve got to have a plan to implement it. Then you’ve got to set the example that you want, develop the principles and values that are important, and get people to buy into it.” – Nick Saban

We could learn from the leadership style of Coach Saban. Top lessons; establish a culture of wining, become/being an expert in your field and create vision.

(Source) For more Nick Saban quotes from the Sponge Coach, click here.

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