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I would like to introduce to you Coach LaMonte Odums. He is an inspiration to many, including myself. His guidance, motivation, tips, and insight have helped me over the years. He coaches you through life’s journey.

I figure since he brings me hope, I wanted to share it with others. Coach LaMonte will bring you some inspiration too on 92.9 WTUG. Listen to him during my show Monday through Friday at 6:20 pm for his uplifting and insightful messages.

For the past 17 years, Coach LaMonte Odums has had the honor of working with extraordinary individuals from various backgrounds, helping them to create lasting change and opportunities for continued growth. Coach LaMonte Odums is considered amongst his peers as being one of the most influential voices of our time. His story and his ability to connect with multiple audiences has made him one of the most well-rounded coaches and speakers today.

His personal philosophy is to walk with his client, partnering with each individual to help them reach their destined goals. Coach LaMonte is a leader who became a coach for people like you: Individual's hungry for change but not sure where to begin. Every day he introduces new ideas and concepts for personal growth and walks you through the process of self-development on your terms. He believes in the notion that "if you lay a foundation that is doable for people, they will, in essence, build their lives upon it." Through his coaching, he has proven this to be so.

Coach LaMonte is the former on-air personality and co-host of a morning talk show, "Morning Break" on WBTV in Charlotte, NC (a CBS affiliate), where he spent seven years motivating viewers with daily tips, motivation, and using his personal story as a springboard for personal change. Currently, Coach is the CEO of The Leigh James Company LLC a diversified Entertainment & Lifestyle company, and also serves as Creator, Supervising Producer, and host of a new nationally syndicated media project entitled "youday!" debuting January 2021!



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