We have all seen the new traffic signals on Skyland Blvd.At first I was curious as to why they were changing them, but after looking into it I found out why.

ALDOT’s public information officer John D. McWilliams said

the flashing yellow lets e left turns after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians at intersections where arrows control the flow of traffic. The flashing yellow arrows are designed to help motorists make safer left turns.

The upgraded signals feature four arrows:

• A steady green arrow that allows for a protected left turn while oncoming traffic must stop;

• A steady yellow arrow that warns approaching motorists that the left turn signal is about to turn red;

• A steady red arrow that means to stop, meaning no left turn is permitted; and

• A flashing yellow arrow indicating that left turns are permitted after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.3

Once motorists have become used to the change, signal upgrades will take place on 15th Street, Stillman Boulevard and Culver Road.

According to ALDOT, the new traffic signals will be on 15th Street’s intersection’s with:

• 26th Avenue East

• Kicker Road/19th Avenue East

•13th Avenue East

• University Mall access road

• 10th Avenue East

• Sixth Avenue East

• Lake Avenue

• Second Avenue

• Hackberry Lane

• Parkview Drive

• 10th Avenue

• Queen City Avenue

• Greensboro Avenue

• Lurleen Wallace Boulevard South

Stillman Boulevard and Culver Road’s intersections with:

• Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard

• Fosters Ferry Road/Stillman Boulevard

• 36th Avenue

• 38th Avenue

• Goodrich Boulevard

• Joe Mallisham Parkway

ALDOT's McWilliams found,

A significant crash reduction of 36 percent among younger drivers ages 16 to 21 in places where these signals have already been installed.

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