I wasn't working at WTUG when the Bacon,Brew, and Q happened, so I missed out on eating all the good local bbq places. But since I've been in Tuscaloosa, I haven't had a SINGLE bbq rib!

When it comes to BBQ, I'm a sauce girl. The sauce has too be amazing and most importantly more sweet than tangy. I need the meat tender, preferably slow cooked - the longer the better. Also, I need to have fries with my bbq - you can keep the baked beans and potato salad. Give me a fresh batch of crispy crinkle fries and I'll be in heaven!

I'm now on a hunt to find the best BBQ in Tuscaloosa. I like local spots, because they put the most love,care,and time into making their food. So, please point me in the right direction!

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