Hollywood...I've never been but would love to visit the Walk Of Fame!  You would think ALL A list celebrity would have one! However, there's some people who you've never heard of that has stars! The Walk of Fame has more than 2,600 stars,but you'd be surprise at which major celebrities don't have stars! Here are some of them:


1.  Carrie Fisher

2.  Leonardo DiCaprio

3.  Prince.  He turned down a star back in the '80s.

4.  Julia Roberts.  She turned down the honor.

5.  Clint Eastwood.  He also turned it down.

6.  Bruce Springsteen.  The Boss accepted his star, but then never set a date for the ceremony.  The Walk of Fame committee has a rule that an honoree must have a ceremony within five years of accepting the prize.

7.  Denzel Washington.  Accepted the honor, but never scheduled a ceremony.

8.  G1eorge Clooney.  Accepted, but never scheduled.

9.  Al Pacino.  Also accepted, but never scheduled.

10.  Brad Pitt.  Believe it or not, he was somehow never nominated.

11.  Angelina Jolie.  She was also never nominated.

12.  Robert Redford

13.  George Lucas

14.  Robert De Niro

15.  Warren Beatty

16.  Will Smith

17.  Diane Keaton

18.  Mel Gibson

19.  Jim Carrey

20.   Michael Keaton

21.  Peter Sellers

22.  Kanye West.

23.  Jay-Z

24.  Oprah Winfrey

25.  Whitney Houston

26.  Beyoncé

27.  Missy Elliott

28.  Spike Lee

29.  Dan Aykroyd.  His Blues Brothers partner John Belushi DOES have a star.

30.  Sean Connery.

To get a star, a celebrity must be nominated by someone, anyone.  Then the celebrity must accept it.  The committee gets hundreds of nominations every year, and chooses 30 or so to be honored.

The celebrity must agree to schedule a public ceremony, AND must also pay $40,000 for the star and future upkeep.


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