For a few weeks now, I've been observing music on a different level.  Sure, I'm into watching the growth and development of new artist and seeing who's hot now.  But I've noticed that I still turn to my older music when it comes to what I want to hear continuously.

At one point, music captured the very essence of our emotions.  We had Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Patti Labelle, Babyface, Brian McKnight, Jodeci, and more.  If their music came on the radio right now, the volume would be increased even if it's just a notch.

Are there any artists today whose music you think would stand the test of time?  If I had to choose five, my list would go something like this:

1.  Charlie Wilson- Not only is he STILL making good music, but Uncle Charlie has to be a vampire.  He's constantly evolving while staying true to himself.

2.  Fantasia- Her music always seems to evoke emotion, which is something of which we never grow tired.

3.  Jill Scott- Simply put, authentic soul doesn't get old.

4.  Tamar Braxton- Her voice has the richness that pulls you in. Again, another soulful singer.

5. Calvin Richardson- His music is timeless, and the lyrics make you want to be in love.


I will admit that it took a great deal of thinking to come up with five.  Maybe I'm not thinking hard enough.  Who would be on YOUR list?  Five artists you'll probably still like in 2040... Name them.

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