So was the Officiating that bad last night, you look at a couple of plays both ways during the game and you see calls that could have gone both ways. Early in the first quarter, looks like the Tide was for sure trying to take out Mike Williams and Deshuan Watson.

Later I the game you se holding on many occasions that was missed by the refs. The Biggest of course was the Pick / Rub plays where the outside receiver runs a slant route and stops in the path of the defender covering the slot receiver, when that receiver stops, the Defensive back basically runs into the outside receiver, leaving the slot receiver open. Clemson ran that play twice near the goal line and no flag was thrown.

But the question remains, who wants to challenge Mike Defee The Ripped Referee. Here's what we do know about him.

1. He is an industrial contractor in Texas

2. He has officiated 16 NCAA seasons

3. He was once a BCS National Championship Game alternate

4. The NFL passed on him

5. His quotes are amazing

6. He's roughly 54 years old

7. "My name's Mike Defee. I'm your referee" is maybe the greatest Rose Bowl greeting ever

8. Big 12 fans have known about his muscles for a long time now

9. His son is an official

10. @MikeDefeeArms is an instant must-follow on Twitter

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