Remember when we were made aware of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan? People from all walks of life across the nation sent donations of water to the city. We would think that the donations were used while the issue was corrected, right?


The water is still unclean!

However, there is good news.  An order has been issued which requires thousands of lead and galvanized steel pipes to be replaced.  Guess who was awarded a contract to receive a piece of the $250 million up for grabs…

WT Stevens Construction, a black woman-owned company! Read more about it here.

You know what’s interesting about this, though?  The City of Tuscaloosa has the Tuscaloosa Builds program, where 10%-20% of city construction projects are allocated for minority contractors.  That doesn’t say contractors of color but minority contractors.

Years ago, I rented an apartment in a complex owned by a couple.  The wife told me that the property was in her name because as a woman, she qualified for a special program available to minorities.

If all it takes to be a minority is to be a woman or a person of color, why aren’t more Black women general contractors?  A general contractor is simply responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of a project.  Nowhere is it stated that the contractor has to do the work. (Aha moment?)

In the words of Kountry Wayne, let that sizzle in your spirit.


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