At first she couldn’t figure out why she was sick. For several weeks, she had suffered from stomach pains and had been losing weight, She didn’t have much of an appetite, either, and had been having diarrhea.But those symptoms started to make a lot more sense when she saw her roommate’s Snapchat story, which allegedly revealed the roommate had been secretly filling her water bottles with water from the toilet

Tierni Williams, the roommate, has been charged with a felony — adulteration of food or liquid with bodily injury — for allegedly getting her roommate sick by tampering with her water. If convicted, she could face three to six years in prison.

The pair are students at Tennessee State University in Nashville, where they shared a room in a residence hall

Williams dipped a Styrofoam cup into the toilet to scoop up some water, then pour it into her roommate’s water bottles. She allegedly captured it all on Snapchat video, and can be heard in her social media posts calling the prank “nasty” and saying her roommate is “gonna get sick from this.”

And it’s entirely possible that the toilet water is what got her sick. Thanks roomie.

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