We've been diligently tracking the 2013 Hands On Boat-A-Thon since the competition began on Friday night at 6pm. Pictures have been shared on Facebook and Twitter with fans rooting on the contestants throughout the weekend.

The competition took a turn early Monday morning when we finally paired it down the final two contestants, Curt Anderson and Mark Jewell. Both men have competed in previous Boat-A-Thons so they have the experience to know the physical challenges, but that doesn't make it any easier.

So over 15 hours after we narrowed it down the last two people, the contest continues in front of University Mall. Soon, Tuesday will begin and the guys will continue to fight to survive the exhaustion.

But don't think they're doing it alone. Both men rely heavily on family and friends to keep them company during the long monotonous hours and especially rely on them to assist during the short breaks every hour. We caught up with the wives of both contestants to get their thoughts on the first 75 hours.

Curt Anderson's wife, Bonita:

Mark Jewell's wife, Amber: