There has been much discussion around the office about how long the 2013 Hands On Boat-A-Thon will last. With so many variables in the mix, predictions have been all over the place.

Before we share all of the Townsquare Media staff predictions, make sure you make your own prediction for your chance to win a gift card to University Mall.

I have gone around the to each employee and wrote down what day and time they think a winner will be crowned and take home a new pontoon boat from Hide-A-Way Harbor Marina and Boat Sales. Here are the predictions in chronological order:


6:00pm - Mina Blackburn

10:00pm - Allen Faul

Midnight - Miss Pat


3:00am - Chad Haynie

7:30am - Ben George

9:30am - Ryan Fowler

2:00pm - Scott Shepherd

3:30pm - Joy Orr

Midnight - Katie Allen


11:52am Tiffany Bowman

2:00pm - Monk

4:00pm - Brenda Ewart

6:00pm - John Ramey

8:00pm - Lindsay Meacham

9:00pm - Todd Livingston

11:00pm - Justin Delmarco


2:00am - Tammy Boyd

3:30am - Kimberly Madison

6:30am - Keith Lacoste

2:00pm - Ed Ramsey

3:30pm - Meg Summers

6:30pm - Greg Thomas


4:00am - Jade Nicole

10:45am - Charles Anthony