People want what they want, especially bacon.I love it on a lot of things, most of all on a good burger. Sometimes places don't get the order right and that's o.k. as long as they don't forget the bacon. Well, in the case of a  Michigan woman that didn't happen. She had gone to McDonald's and ordered a couple of bacon cheeseburgers.

When the order arrived it didn't have her beloved bacon on the burgers so the manager gave her a free meal. Normally that's the end of the story but not here.

The woman returned a couple of hours and ordered her free meal. Again the order was wrong and didn't have her bacon on it.

This time she went off screaming and cursing and to top it all of, she pulled her gun and shot into the drive thru.

Now that's a little overboard for not getting your bacon on your burger. Read Full news story here.