Most of us make resolutions of things we plan to do in the new year to enhance our lives, but rarely do we have professional assistance with developing plans to make our dreams a reality.  That changes this year!

Mildred Hooks, of People Optimum Consulting, is hosting a conference on January 11.  She has invited masterminds from various areas that are of benefit to every entrepreneur, every employer, and everyone with a desire to live his or her best life.

Hooks says that her goal is to not only see people succeed but to THRIVE. Thus, the name of the conference.  It's not enough to simply attain a goal but reaching one's maximum potential and even expanding upon "the max" is how we truly thrive!

The masterminds will share their expertise on everything from entrepreneurship to creativity to your own personal wellness and mental health. For more insight and to learn how you can win a seat in the event, check out the interview:


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