"I don't have many female friends. Women are too messy." Most of us have said this a time or two. However, as women, when we decide to close ourselves off from woman-to-woman friendships, we rob ourselves of learning from others' experiences. One woman's life story can be just what we need to navigate our own lives.

One event aimed at helping women break barriers and be everything they're meant to be is the 3rd annual I Slay for God luncheon.

(Credit: SanDrell Denise)
(Credit: SanDrell Denise)

When asked, event creator Sandrell Denise described what the luncheon is about:

The luncheon is basically a Women’s Empowerment event/luncheon. While going through so many things in 2015, God gave me this assignment. I didn’t understand why ME. I said “Lord you already know what I’m going through so how I’m going to empower other women.” All He said was be obedient and I did just that. Just a day to sit around and share testimonies with other women, encouraging women to give theirs as well and letting them know that whatever they(WE) are facing in life, do NOT be ashamed but instead trust God.


We introduce ourselves and mingle with one another, do little door prizes, feast together, cry together, laugh, pray and whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to do.


My first event was held at Plum Grove, which was a blessing; and my second year it was in Gordo. This third year, God said “Take it back to the city where you started it.”.....


It’s a blessing, the women I’ve met, we’ve stayed in contact. We are always encouraging one another whenever we come into contact with each other.

If you're a woman who feels like she's navigating life alone, this is definitely an event you should consider attending.  If you're a woman who is surrounded by other women, whether family or friends, round them up and enjoy an afternoon together.  (Besides, it's easier to find sitters in the middle of the day than it is to get one at night.)

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