At WTUG, we enjoy every opportunity we have to engage with our community.  From community service to live remotes, every chance we have to be with you in a capacity other than being on the air is extremely valued.  So, when the opportunity to make cameo appearances in the upcoming stage play Blind Love arose, we jumped on it!

Blind Love will play the Bama Theatre on Father’s Day weekend,  June 15-17. Written by the very talented Eutaw native Jeremy Michael Allen, Sr., it's a show you definitely want to see, if for nothing more than to celebrate the success of your neighbor and to show your children that every dream may be accomplished, regardless of your beginnings.

Be sure to get your tickets and get there early.  You don’t want to miss ANY moment.  Really, is there anything worse than coming in on a story after it’s begun and then having to play catch up?

Don’t let it happen to you!  With this being an indoor venue, there is no reason to wait. Tickets are already on sale, and we have a discount code! Text JADEWTUG to 41411 to get yours!

Hint:  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in the WTUG studio other than when we’re on the air, you can get a brief glimpse in this play.

Blind Love is said to be family friendly and suitable for all ages.  The story covers a variety of ways we’re blinded by love and takes us through a range of emotions. There are happy moments, sad moments, and times where you don’t really know how to feel! Read more here.

You certainly don’t want to miss out.  Get your discounted tickets while they’re available. Don’t forget to text JADEWTUG to 41411 to get your code.

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