Have you heard the saying that when you know what people like to eat, you know what to feed them?  Well at WTUG, we know you love concert tickets.  So, we do what we have to do to make sure you get tickets to the hottest events in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas!

Now, you know we're big on celebrating our living legends; and we take every opportunity to show them love while they're able to receive it. That's why we are giving you tickets to celebrate the birthday of Bobby Rush!

He's given us hits such as Sock Boo Ga Loo, I Ain’t Studdin’ You, Let it All Hang Out, Sue, Night Fishin’, and What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander!  And according to this interview, he's still making new music.  Check him out:

Older than 85?  Definitely something to celebrate!  So, listen to the 9 at 9 each day Monday, November 11 through Friday, November 15. Get the names of each song (or copy and paste from here) and send them to us via the Feedback link on our website. The first person to correctly name the songs each day wins two tickets to the birthday bash! It's that simple.

So, stay on alert, and thanks for being a loyal listener at 92.9 WTUG!

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