Of course, the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life for a while, but with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we decided to bring awareness to the fight against breast cancer in the best way within the scope of our range: using music!

When anyone is diagnosed with any kind of cancer, the first emotion felt is often fear of whether or not he or she would defeat the disease's attack on the body. Other reactions include anger, ferocity, and determination to win.

As the fight progresses and the body takes on physical differences, the emotional toll can be tough.  So, we decided to encourage those in the fight, those who've been through the fight, and anyone with body image concerns to let you know that you are beautiful, it is what's inside you that matters most, and that you are loved.

Sometimes, it takes for someone to look deep within and recognize not only insecurity but also the cause of it and to speak to the cause. Not all anger is a result of simply being mean. People often project the emotions of internal struggles in ways that are different from what they're really feeling.

So, we're using the music to speak to those innermost fears.  Musiq Soulchild's Don't Change tells us that no matter what physical changes take place, you are still loved. Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder explains that you're beautiful from birth (not to be cliche, but let's go with "even a blind man can see it").

Even those who don't have body issues as a result of an ailment need a little encouragement. Bootylicious by Destiny's Child celebrates the fact of being voluptuous, LL Cool J has been telling us for decades that he wants a woman with extensions. India.Arie and Eric Benet both highlight the beauty of melanin in Brown Skin and Chocolate legs alike.

So, finish out the weekend with us with the celebration of all that you are, which is all beautiful!

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Health and Beauty Products by Women in West Alabama

Health and Beauty Products by Women in West Alabama


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